Wisdom of the Week: 7/15

  1. Sliced bread wasn't popular for the first 15 years it was introduced. It took Wonder to brand it correctly.
  2. The only failure is to give up trying.
  3. You can't wait to be good before you get up and perform. You must get up and perform in order to become good.
  4. Lower your standards until you're willing to begin.
  5. If someone sits next to you at a bench or communal table, you have to wait at least 7 minutes before leaving. Even if you planned on getting up anyhow. (not sure how I feel about this)
  6. There's no such thing as writer's block because there's no such thing as talker's block
  7. Watching educational YouTube videos at a certain juncture, become unproductive.
  8. Top performers are not on all the time. They are either ON or OFF and they strategically switch between the two. Do not try to be ON when you should be OFF. Do not be OFF when you could be ON.
  9. A vulnerable and brave person gives no disclaimer before they start singing. They'll simply begin. There is no “you should know I'm terrible”. They are okay with what others think.
  10. The best songs don't sound like they were written.