Forced To Observe

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It's not that we need to make mental health and depression less taboo. It's that we need stop only showing the highlights of our life. We need to stop presenting as if everything is perfect. Actually, we need to stop presenting period.

Before social media, our form of self-expression was art. And if you made everything in art all sunshine and smiles, people would rightfully criticize you for not getting it right.

But I get it. Social media isn't art. It serves as a mini PR campaign for each individual. Everyone who has an Instagram is a Social Media Manager. And as a Social Media Manager, why in the world would you advertise warts and scars?

The reason why most people are afraid to dance isn't that they can't.

It’s that dancing is an unsafe activity — you’re running out into an open field that’s surrounded by snipers.

One little awkward thing you do with your hands or shoulders or feet could mean getting shot with a critical stare.

You’re held liable if you don’t do it well, and we’re terrified of not doing it well.

So, it’s easier to never get on the dance floor to give it a try. Even though for that first second, we’re dying jump out of our seat and join in on the fun.

But we bury that intuitive voice with the rational mind and remain hiding in the bushes.

I had realized at one of my lowest moments that all human souls descend into the atmosphere looking the exact same. As if they had come via assembly line. And that the only identifiers were the oddities and misfortunes. The only thing that set a soul apart from the other was that one got knocked with a hammer, and the other cut with a knife.

We'd all look the same if it weren't for our scars. How else could you tell anyone apart?

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