In an attempt to salvage what's left of my social skills and my overall fulfillment, I will be taking a break from social media from 1/01/19 – 6/01/10.

After that period I will assess whether it's worth rejoining any platform. I've expressed this to some people who's rebuttal is usually “everything is okay in moderation”. But what good is social media in moderation? Does a moderate amount of social media increase one's sense of well-being?

Many say that social media is so new that we don't know how it will affect us. From where I'm standing, I've seen enough evidence.

Part of why I feel reluctant to delete a social media account is because it is one's creation. It's like a painter burning their art or a writer deleting their files.

But I don't like the game of having the best social media account. I do like the game (regardless of how bad at it I am) of writing the best song. I like the competition in art because I willingly take it on. The competition in social media on the other hand, is like being a prisoner thrown into the arena with a lion.