Casio Watch Hack

I always used to turn off the hourly time signal on my digital casio. Frequently, and frustratingly, in the process of setting my morning alarm, I would by mistake turn on the hourly alarm.

Yesterday it went off, notifying me that a new hour had begun. For some reason, this time it struck me differently. A new hour has begun.

What a relief. I can start over. 2pm doesn't have to include the same procrastination, confusion, and pleasure-seeking that had consumed 3pm.

Not only this, I know there will be another beep in an hour. I know there will be several beeps in the day.

Hell, I can spend this entire beep planning what I'll do for the next beep. Which is actually a great idea. A requirement in fact. If an hour is lost, rather than assuming I'll snap out of it, spring back, and make up for those 60 minutes, I spend the next 60 planning:

What led to me wasting that hour? How can I prevent it from happening again? What do I plan to do in the next hour? I should clearly lay out what needs to be done.

Granted, this isn't a fix-all. I anticipate eventually becoming desensitized to the beeps. Nevertheless, it's something to try. Another routine to cycle through until I start getting diminishing returns or until I get comfortable and lax with it.