A lot of the things I say, the way I say them, and why I say them don't actually come from me. Their source is not from my individual experience—I hear authorities on a subject, and reuse what they say. Or I see others do something, and in order to feel connected, I do it too. Or I feel the need to argue with them about what they do. Or I feel the need to outdo them.

I think the one true reason we use social media is the need to be social. But there are other, more long-term ways to accomplish. So, I am planning on not using social media for at least the first 6 months of 2019.

My fears in doing this are the following:

  1. I will be missing out on things I would prefer not to miss out on.
  2. I will become irrelevant.
  3. I will set this goal and fail.
  4. I won't have the will to accomplish this.
  5. I will be unable to set definite lines—should I also not use YouTube?
  6. I've heard that in the beginning there is an increase in depression or anxiety.
  7. The Main One: I'll feel alone and disconnected.

The Benefits

  1. During moments of boredom or stress, if one doesn't scramble for a cure, they are rewarded with a piece of themselves.
  2. I will obtain a perspective I otherwise would never have.
  3. I imagine that when I'm 80, this wouldn't be something I regret doing.
  4. When I want to use social media, what I really want is a human connection. I will be replacing social media with volunteering, classes, hangouts, and dates.
  5. I will need to express myself through my original avenues—music, writing, joking.

I am going to make sticking to my plan easier by having a system in place. Being systematic, and not situational (which would leave action up to impulse), should make it more likely to do what I intend to.

System 1. Connect my write.as account to social media outlets, so I will be providing output without having to take the input from the accounts. I think people will be able to comment on these articles if they want. 2. Change the password and change the email/phone number of social accounts to my friend's information. 3. Have it written why I'm doing this: Life is short, we don't know the effect of technology (although honestly, we all know it's mostly not good), I have goals that social media is standing in the way of (close relationships, a fulfilling career, music I'd like to write, books I'd like to read). 4. When feeling the urge, read your WHY, and remember it's socializing and human connection you want, and not to thumb your phone. 1. Remember the urge to use social media is actually just the desire to connect. So go connect. 5. On occasion, read a book or article on the problems of social media to reinforce the purpose of this. 6. For using YouTube, open an incognito window and search. Do not be logged in. YouTube will suggest a lot of videos for you.

Love, togetherness, intimacy, friendship, fulfillment,: are all threats to social media.

One addiction fights another for scarce resources: your eyeballs, your time, your money.

So the best way to combat social media is to include love, community, and friendship into your life.