Browse Month: March 2017

Why I Listen To Music Less Often

Reading Time: 2 minutes


I have always listened to music more than the average person. Whether I am in the car, at home, at the gym, or in a waiting room. I feel like these are opportune moments to fit in at least a song or two. And it’s not just me. Everywhere I go I see people with headphones placed in their ears.

To understand why we do this, we need only to notice one thing: companies play music when they put you on hold. They do this for the same reason there is music in elevators and waiting rooms.

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Why You Haven’t Meditated Yet

Reading Time: 3 minutes


A few friends of mine have expressed their interest in meditation but can’t seem to get past some excuses. Whenever I hear why they haven’t meditated, I begin to see that they don’t understand what meditation actually is. I’m not saying everyone has to do this. I just think that if you know what actually goes on, you may rethink your reasoning.

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